The shady episode of S.T Adventure! PART – 1


**This is not meant to offend anyone or anything; it;s just a fun take on my adventure!**

Scripting journeys, as I have been doing for some while now, there is this one thing that has been on my mind since forever. For those who are wondering what I am talking about, should definitely pay a visit to the interiors of our nation & rest of us know the pain.

Previously, residing in the heart of the city, buses seemed a very rare option & autos used to be the ‘it’ thing! Shifting to this new place opened my eyes & rest of the senses as well. One would risk the S.T bus only when you are stranded or really late!

S.T bus is typically a cuboid with four wheels with a door! At the very appearance of it, one would die with disgust at its beauty & looks. Suffocatingly airy, grossly clean & crampingly spacious! As its golden gateway door opens, you’ll hardly be able to see what’s inside, it is that full. When you get in finally; “S.T truly INDIAAA……”  there will the entire of country side India one would want to experience in a life-time. The specialty of the interiors of this exclusive travel experience are numerous; – there will possibly no place you can hold on to while trying to get the ticket, hence there is a high chance of or rather you will, in all possibilities fall & tumble on strangers, not to mention, the awkwardness of the ‘after-fall’ smile that they return! After you somehow ticket yourself, it is another level of ‘ULTIMATE FEAR FACTOR’ to actually be able to get inside; first, you wouldn’t want to, because you have already suffocated enough, second, you have no choice because it’s a bull race waiting to begin behind you. You have to mentally prepare yourself to face the tide of the oncoming & outgoing people & risk your belongings & push your way in [it is indeed the best life lesson I got here!].

The beauty of this adventure is when you venture further inside. The seats will appear as if last dusted in the 18th century, the windows so small that will make sure you feel more insecure; I guess somehow the manufacturers of these buses figured out people have a thing for good sized windows & decided in unison of abolishing that last strand of mental comfort. I don’t know if it is just me or others too; looking at the fabulous level of cleanliness I have always had a thing of encountering rats in there.

The aisle itself is a one man thick way which ensures you being sexually harassed regardless. As bonus there are poles that pop up right in the middle. I always wonder what a perfect thing to do pole dancing with; such a masterpiece yet so wasted!

Finding a place to sit is a really questionable decision one makes especially after some place has been vacated & it is probably the only place where people loathe window seats! The thing will drain the last inch of disgust you would ever have for anything. If you have ever been in an S.T bus, you will never again be afraid of anything else [& those of you who boast of Mumbai locals should try their survival talents here!].

The last seats of all buses are usually funny, bumpy but here it is no less than a haunted house especially those places which extend inside! It will leave you traumatized by the very thought of anything that could possibly happen.

Be whatever, I have come a long way in this route & now have developed some fondness for the very thing I grumbled about for so long. Things, the bus itself, the people & everything in there is so unique & different that it changes the way you look at things totally.



These were the woes of the traveler in a state of mental pain with ironical pleasure; PART – 2 coming up will cover the adventures of the traveler with the fellow beings, people in their natural habitat & much more…


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