Imagine having to do something you hate like thrice a day?! It’s a REAL STRUGGLE!

In the normal world, the classification is – foodie, normal & malnourished! But hell no, there is more to it! Somewhere in between of normal & malnourished comes me & my tribe! Like eating is the most ‘NON-FAVOURITE’ part of the day & it’s nothing less than a strenuous task!

I hope I have brothers & sisters sharing the pain [I REALLY HOPE!] People find shortcuts to finish their work, I find ways to finish my food! If you gave me one roti I’d probably piece into large three parts & stuff it into my mouth so that I don’t have to do the hand to mouth journey again & again.

The aversion isn’t to the food but to the act of eating & the world doesn’t even acknowledge this! I googled for an antonym for ‘Foodie’; apparently there is no word for it! I’d eat purely out of hunger & that time you don’t actually taste the food; so it goes straight in. I’m so used to starving myself to avoid having to eat food that it has become a routine now!

I’m such a non-foodie that if you show me a video of a pastry with excessive cream; I might just nauseate by the very sight of it & never eat it again! If food was a real person, I would probably be in the jail on murder charges!

To all those who genuinely read the article, please do not pour in any ‘HEALTH ADVICES’! I’m 21 & still haven’t developed any liking so there is a genuine problem! & also don’t boast about your cooking; that nauseates me again!

So I guess I put out all the frustration I ever had in these 20 odd years….. & IT IS A REAL THING…. A REAL STRUGGLE!


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