“A note to the out-caste – A letter to myself”…

Image Credits – www.qudsiamall.files.wordpress.com


This is a letter, not to the past me or the future one but the present me who gets let down often by demotivating spirits haunting her enthusiasm. the me that tries to fit into the cube of the society despite being a cone.

Everybody has the right to have opinions. You do, so do I. but some people choose to voice it out & dig deep.

Sometimes subjugation to criticism from people you once idolized becomes critical to the ‘trust factor’, like was I wrong to have thought so great of that person? or am I wrong to mistake them now?

All of us at some point feel exhausted of living up to the ‘society’s expectations’ & expectations are a killer. First they crack your type & then kill you!

Being judged for what you are, is harrowing especially when it comes from your superiors. These are the kind of people that we often refer to as the ‘Society’, fearing whom people lose their individuality.

It takes a lot to stand up to this kind of ‘Judgemental bullying’, face them, work alongside & still be you.

It is perfectly OK to fall down at times & rise up more stronger. Atleast this time you’ll know that it will take a little to make you trip again.

Life isn’t always fair, but you need to be just, with what you do & how you treat back those society mongers. 

Maybe some day the geometrical mould of the society will crack itself up to accommodate some amoeboids like you!

The today me will forget what caused a havoc yesterday & keep motivating the future me to not crack up so early!

A note to the out-caste,

“Strength is not what is displayed in war alone,

Determination is not what stays in mind alone,

You are not yourself unless the world knows!”


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