Light in the dark!

A woman on the local train,

Tattered clothes & messed manes,

Wiped an infant’s face with a torn dupatta,

Discoloured of sweat & hard work,

Son seemed a little reluctant,

As she offered him a the boggie to play around,

The little toddler jumped her way,

On the seats she swayed with gay,

The little guy, in ambush craved,

To usurp the train but feared judgement.

Soon as the members of the train decended,

The handles & bars were never soo fondly touched,

He hung by them with a glorious smile,

The sight was full of resplendent joy!!

That was the purest form of love I had witnessed,

A women finding companionship in two toddlers,

There was much light in that darkness,

The dirt in her clothes made people frown,

But that jubilant love made the night shine!!


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