!!?!!C.H.A.O.S !!?!!

My shattered mind yells out aloud,

A leap in faith it takes,

Whether right or not?

If right then why the doubt??

Heart whispers wrong,

If wrong then why the daring to take that chance ?

What is happening!!

I wish I knew!

Eyes roll aimlessly,

Thoughts go for a stroll,

Minds wanders,

Where to it all leads ?

I don’t know!

Trying to find something,

It gets restless with every step!

I can’t see out clear,

What is it that will fulfill my heart’s desire ?!

My destination would be where ?

What for do I look around ?

In my dreams still,

I stay more glad than in real.

Clueless I lie on my bed each night,

Just wondering what I did the entire while,

Right out not ?
The chaos remains unanswered still….


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