A walk with my scooty…

So this happened today….. I have started my internship so the whole week goes in the “boredom & death” mode & you get one day leave, that is Sunday. So you obviously have plans to go out with your pals & enjoy.

So did I .

*waking up*

“jaana bhi hai kya yaar[forget it]……chuck…..soo jaati hu[let’s go back to sleep]”

*stomach growling*

I had to get up now since my stomach was being soo  incooperative ……

*looking out of the window….sees no one on the road*


I don’t really know to ride bi-cycle…..not that I cant. Just that every time my cycle shows up on the street….someone either falls or I fall…..[ There was this one time when I scored hat trick by taking down the same aunty thrice on the road.]

So riding scooty is a BIG BIGG affair for me. I always wanted to go on a morning *WALK* with my scooty. Every day, I think of doing it but never comes that “shubh muhurat” of getting out. [ Unless I have the license test sword hanging over my head].

Perfect day.

I am already up……& most importantly the roads are clear….SO NO CASUALITIES!!

I decide to fix my stomach with some filter coffee then leave to traumatise the road & its natives….

7:10 – Sipping on my filter coffee…..wow the road is empty & the sky is blue…..WOW!!

7:20 – coffee is over…..little mugheads roaming around…tiny hot wheel vehicles…..*scene from my window*

Me- shit yaar [ man ]!!

Anyways I left to venture things. Things started off with a little jerk. At first I struggled to get my scooty out of the parking area where the lady was stuck in between two muscle hunk bikes…PHEWW…..after doing all kinds  of gymnastics I got the scooty out of there & onto the road.

I thought only movie had those fancy young girls jogging on the road in a weird awkward fashion like the 70’s heroines with thumkas [jerky walk]….& aunties coming with vegetables in track pants. I assumed for some reason that these were high class “powai hiranandani area traits”….. but no….you had such awkwardly heroic people here too!!

Then there are those couples you have no clue how they ended up together- the bald boxer uncle & the sleek good looking modern aunty…..some old couples, some new…

Afraid of dogs, I stopped at every dog bark as if it was a traffic signal!

I decided to go on new roads & venture a bit, for now there won’t be any cops! [ I was once fined 700 Rs. For not wearing a helmet that too on the internal roads. Either I had a very bad day or the cop had a very good one!]

A little ahead in time & way, I was finally lost……which I always want to!! Yes ! I love getting lost for then you have a reasonable reason for going to weird new places.

The road was new, people were djenkcdblaieb…..like a horse cart cum chariot with a tractor ahead.

There were two roads…..but everyone used one road only. So I did the same monkey act!

The road was a busy one & I was soo scared to take a u-turn……I went all the way down to the end of the road, waited for a pause then turned around to continue on the same road.

Technically I was on the wrong side, driving without a license or helmet….nor papers!! THRILLING NA!

A little ahead was a village looking set-up….. I was a bit held-back whether or not to venture ahead but later read a familiar name on the direction board & decided to continue ahead.

Valleys….mountains one side & huge humungous buildings adorned the other.

Everything shone in the gleam of fading dusk……nice & beautiful.

A long while later I thought it would be nice & wise to take a turn & get back for I no longer could register the new way!

On my way back…..everything felt like a tape on rewind mode. All that shone in violet light seemed “NATURALLY NASTY & SOOO NATIVE” after the sun rose…..I finally felt home!

Decided to take a little de-route [known one]…..& there something unexpected happened!

I came face-to-face with the VILLIAN OF MY CYCLE LOVE STORY………”the slope” !!

The one which had caused me puncture my cycle the last time I dared to ride & I had to push it all the way home!!

This time I was more well equipped…..BETTER BRAKES!!

I showed the filthy mound of concrete its place & crossed it like a BOSS!! Soo proud of myself!!  :’)

A little ahead contemplating as usual & thinking about what all I will write down came the threat…

For once I trusted the DOG!! ONE BLACK DOG!! & not my fear …..

& it came all running & chasing my scooty & I had to flee. 😥

Now on a usual route….I felt safe at heart & road.

I myself am a terrible pedestrian giving *CARDIAC ARRESTS* to the bikers & 4-wheeler people, I don’t trust the pedestrians when I am riding the scooty….

I keep honking & stopping but people don’t seem to understand & come just within the radius where I can knock them down…..not that I think they can be a threat to me….but that I & my riding can be cyanide to their living!!

All the while I had the same song in a foreign language on replay for I liked the ring of it!

I was smiling on all the stupidity served on the platter all through the trip…..mine & others. I enjoyed every bit of it for it made me explore some un-explored parts, take a few chances & of course smile all the way.

I took a longer route back home to grab a little more of the ride.

& for the first ever time I managed to successfully get my scooty inside my building compound without stopping.

It’s me, so I had to mess up the happy ending by again struggling to park the scooty!!

Finally back home with some memories & a script for the article!! 😀



5 Comments Add yours

  1. Ekta Maheshwarii says:

    Pedestrians are the creepiest😫
    Thoughts so well contemplated!
    – A proud friend 😘

    Liked by 1 person

  2. bhu says:

    Superb one Gayu…keep scribbling…

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Rajita Nambiar says:

    Nice and flowing narrative. You have related all the emotional upheavals with great ease . Good job , keep it up!!

    Liked by 1 person

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