ARDHANARI – The “Third Gender”



One day,


The man rose up and mesmerized the world by his might,

Then the female rose and tranquilized all by her beauty.


The world was left perplexed!

Beauty or might?


A quarrel arose!

Some favoured beauty; some favoured might.


But nevertheless both were right!


The female made the world as beautiful as her, to live in;

She bore the ability to produce.


Man protected the realms with strength immense,

He was the key to reproduce!


The argument rose beyond the skies, beneath the earth and to the heavens,

It soon reached the TRINITY!



The first two had no clue;

For always man and woman had been at tiff in their worlds too.


LORD SHIVA, the bearer of the third eye,

The destroyer, the saint;

Found the situation awkward.


Who was greater?!


He wanted to settle it all.

And so he acknowledged his better half.


Heavens rumbled, the earth shook and the skies parted.



Out of the holy fire,

Rose a life never familiar.


He looked beautiful,

And she looked mighty.


The LORD and the GODDESS had united.


Half man and half woman,

With the tenderness of the feminine

And look of a man,

Their trait was undefined.



They sat in the middle of the universe,

Silencing everybody,



Thereafter neither man nor woman competed,

For they had the better of both; the THIRD GENDER.


Born out of a sex-less GOD,

These children made the “THIRD WORLD”!!



“ I am not man,

I am not woman,

I am the best of both,

Descendant of SHIVA-PARVATI,



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  1. Radhika sharma says:

    Amazing. …..☺

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