Sunshine in my darkest days …


Dark clouds hovered above,
They blurred my vision,
Unable to see beyond,
I was lost.

Everything around seemed so new,
It was hard to believe.
I felt like a misfit in my own place,
Trembling, I felt alone.

There came a hand in the dark like the light of the day,
Familiar though,
Picked me up,
Held my hand,
And became my companion in the rain.

Whenever the heaviness of the downpour weighed me down,
It held me tight,
It taught me to get up and face it,
With its help I did too…

I slipped in the mud,
It gave me a hand of hope.

Down the road,
As the clouds departed,
I shone in the sun,
It waited in the dim,
It had become my shadow!

It taught me to look beyond the dark, into the light,
It became my sunshine in the darkest days of my life!

Thank you maa for everything.


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